Verluna is an indie-folk band lead by Chicago songwriter Alex Katsaropoulos. Influenced by artists such as Bon Iver, Local Natives, and Radiohead; Verluna focuses on melancholic harmonies and dramatic dynamic changes that most would describe as hypnotizing. Verluna's most recent single, “The Narrow Road to Oku” off their debut LP "Oku"(2018) was released this February. The song begins as a calm, acoustic slow-burn following a powerful chorus of resonating voices and concluding with emotional satisfaction. Since their release, Katsaropoulos and the band have stayed busy playing at venues around the Chicagoland area like the Empty Bottle, Tonic Room, Uncommon Ground and going on tour in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Verluna continues to captivate the audience with introspective lyrics and intimate moments, leaving you in a trance like state.